pureAir 3000 + pureAir 50C Wellness News Value Pack

GreenTech Environmental Canada


pureAir 3000 Transforms your space into a continuously fresh and clean environment, removing harmful airborne pollutants.  

Using advanced technologies including our proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation, active radiant catalysis (ARC®), activated oxygen, and ionization, pureAir 3000 significantly reduces odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew, as well as eliminating other odors, including those from pets, cooking, and smoking.

pureAir 50C, A plug-in air purifier for your bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, or other small spaces. Its small size is perfect for travel, allowing you to take fresh air anywhere. Simply plug it in and turn the dial to your desired level of purification. The solution for stale, stinky air pollution is just an outlet away!




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